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FaceBook Blueprint: How to Climb the SMM Ladder

facebook blueprint FAQ

Facebook is undeniably the most popular social networking service currently operating. As of the second quarter of 2020, there were more than 2.7 billion monthly active users. As a means to connect friends and family by bringing them closer together through instant status and story updates, photos, and messages, Facebook itself has revolutionized communication. Part of Facebook’s client-to-customer communication comes in the form of advertisements. Understanding how to utilize this element is taught in what is called Facebook Blueprint.

With strict ad rules and guidelines, most of Facebook’s revenue stream comes from onscreen advertisements. However, there is also a global certification and examination program. Facebook Blueprint has three ways to learn: eLearning, Certification, and In-Person Workshops.

1. What is Facebook Blueprint?

Aptly titled “Facebook Blueprint,” this program shows you how to navigate all the “in’s” and “out’s” of Facebook advertising. Divided into a variety of courses, Facebook Blueprint’s eLearning section allows you to grow your business through a series of free, self-paced courses. It’s suitable for small businesses to large-scale agencies.

Courses are further categorized based on your goal. Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, generate leads, or monetize content, there’s a course out there for you. Facebook Blueprint eLearning even teaches you how to target a suitable demographic and measure ad performance – two valuable skills for any digital marketing agency, small business, or sole proprietorship.

2. What does it cover?

facebook blueprint certification is a marketing skillset

With eighty-five courses covering everything from “Ad Policies for Content, Creative, and Targeting,” to “Simplifying Lead Generation in a Cross-Device World,” Facebook’s Blueprint program targets nearly every marketing aspect you could think of. There’s even a course that targets twins! Ok…not really, but, “look-alike audiences” are very similar.

You can enroll in any one course, or multiple courses to expand your Facebook marketing and advertising knowledge. For example, one of the most important courses on Facebook Blueprint eLearning is “Understanding Campaign Performance with Ads Manager.” Ads reporting gives you insight into how your advertisements are performing across both Facebook and Instagram, as well as different devices. This course also teaches you valuable skills like which metrics you’ll need to succeed, what your results mean, and how to share customized reports.

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There are seventeen different categories available from which to choose courses, including “Increase online sales,” “Learn about Instagram,” and “Measure ad performance.” Each category has multiple courses with the goal of giving you the best experience when utilizing Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

3. How Do I Get Facebook Blueprint Certified?

After you progress through the courses, there are two certifications available for two different areas of expertise.

The Facebook Certified Planning Professional is given to digital advertising professionals that are successful in planning Facebook ad campaigns. Competency must be demonstrated across Facebook Page management, advertising objectives, target audiences, Audience Insights, strategy and best practices, measurement solutions, and the full understanding of how Facebook products are best used in communication and advertisement.

The second certification builds on the Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam. In addition to all common duties required, the holder of this certificate must also be proficient in managing, creating, and purchasing Facebook ads; utilizing the ad auction; meeting ad KPIs and accurately reporting them; Facebook Pixel and SDK; being able to leverage consumer insights and the Facebook ad product catalog; and, lastly, troubleshooting ad issues.

If following the Facebook Certified Planning Professional route, exams 310-101 and 322-101 need to be passed with a score of at least 700 or higher. A digital badge is awarded once the exams are passed. Exams 310-101 and 322-101 consist of the Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam and the Facebook Certified Planning Professional exam, respectively.

Likewise, if following the second path of “Facebook Certified Buying Professional,” two additional exams must be completed with a minimum score of 700. Exams 310-101 and 321-101. Again, another certification and digital badge are awarded when passed.

All Facebook Blueprint Certification exams are proctored. They typically take seventy-five minutes and require a downloadable, secured application browser. Facebook Blueprint Certifications are targeted at experts with at least six months of experience as a digital advertiser through Facebook.

4. Which Exams Am I Taking?

Currently, anyone interested in becoming Facebook Blueprint Certified must first pass the Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam. This is a core requirement of all Blueprint Certifications. It tests basic knowledge and best practices in managing Facebook Pages; creating and purchasing Facebook advertisements; and proficiency in advertising objectives, target audiences, and Facebook media planners’ and buyers’ roles.

In addition to the Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam, either the Facebook Certified Buying Professional or Facebook Certified Planning Professional assessment(s) must be taken.

5. What Kind of Certification Do I Get?

Upon successful completion, you receive a certificate and badge to display on Facebook and other social media. It’s embeddable on your blog and can even be inserted into your e-mail signature.

Your badge is customized to you. It can be verified online and requires recertification each year. Facebook Blueprint Certification is the only official certification recognized by Facebook.

Resources are provided with a strict rubric of what will be tested. This information can be found on Facebook’s official Blueprint section of the site.

6. Why Should I Get Facebook Blueprint Certified?

lead with social media chops like Facebook Blueprint certification

Facebook Blueprint Certifications help you stand out from the crowd. Getting Blueprint Certified pushes you to the front of the digital advertising job pool. Facebook Blueprint Certificate assessments are some of the most rigorous marketing tests out there.

Becoming Facebook Blueprint Certified shows ad agencies, colleagues, and competitors that you’re serious about what you do. Your knowledge of Facebook goes beyond “some ad work,” and knowing what a “target audience” is.

Lastly, having someone who is Facebook Blueprint Certified at your company can help optimize ad spend and the return you’re currently getting. With a better understanding of how Facebook advertisements work as a whole, a Blueprint Certified individual is able to think outside the box and come up with more creative advertising solutions.

7. Do I Have to Get Recertified Every Year?

In order to stay current and keep yourself “up to speed” on the latest marketing and advertising trends, Facebook does require recertification every twelve months. Before your valid Facebook Blueprint Certificate expires, you need to take the most recent version of the Buying Professional or Planning Professional exams.

If your certificate does expire, then you will have to retest all exams all over again. The Core Competencies exam will need to be retaken, in addition to the Buying Professional and Planning Professional exams.

8. What if I Fail?

The Facebook Blueprint Certification exams aren’t meant to be easy. They’re meant to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about. Exams can be retaken as many times as necessary, but only once every 30 days.

9. What About Blueprint Live?

Facebook Blueprint also offers a service called, “Blueprint Live”. It’s an exclusive, one-day, in-person workshop meant for advertisers to learn more about Facebook and Instagram marketing. This learning opportunity is aimed at those who are already familiar with Instagram and Facebook. It builds on peer-to-peer knowledge, with a goal of reciprocation between colleagues. You teach a little and learn a little, too, building on your own experiences and the experiences of those around you.

During Blueprint Live, you get to interact with real people in real-time. Facebook experts lead the workshop with interactive exercises based on a hypothetical client.

Blueprint Live has happened in over sixty-one cities. More than ten thousand participants have been involved…and everything gets packed into one awesome day of learning.

Currently, Blueprint Live sessions are invite-only. However, Facebook partners are able to get invites.

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