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Facebook Graph Search – What does it mean to your business…

For those not familiar with Facebook Graph Search, it is their latest foray into being able to search through their users’ publicly presented data. However, it includes visibility into Bing for results that do not match requests or limited results that were returned.

Let me restate that for its true level of importance: this addition has effectively made Facebook’s 1.1 billion users, users of Bing as well. For many businesses who rely heavily on B2C, you just gained 1.1 billion people looking for terms in the Bing search engine with the convenience of the Facebook interface. This also has the added benefit of showing Search Alliance (you may still refer to it as Yahoo or Bing PPC) ads to Facebook’s horde of users with far greater visibility. Depending on your industry, this can have little to no effect, other industries such as restaurants and stores are likely to get a great synergy with their Bing Places for Business entries. (Go do your listing today or call us to help you get this vital listing created for your business.)

Preliminary research shows that, since the traffic is going through Facebook, it will still show as referral traffic from Facebook to your site in some analytic packages rather than a Bing search, but this will take some of the guess work on why your Facebook traffic shows a growth starting with their July 8th public launch of the Graph Search system. Over the recent years, Bing has slowly increased its market share of search. While still quite a bit behind Google, this Facebook function has once again boosted their value as a search engine.

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