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Facebook: The Next Google?

What is the future of search? Will users abandon Google and perform their searches on Facebook instead?

Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol could lure users away from Google.The open graph enables web developers to integrate web pages with the social graph, or the friends in each user’s circle. We’re already seeing this integration with things like movies, sports teams, celebrities and restaurants. Much like users establish a connection with a Facebook Page when they click on the “Like” button, facebook users can “like” websites too.

Many websites are installing social media plug-ins on their website, which includes a “like” button and a comment section. When the webpage becomes an object in the graph, users can then connect to the webpage like they do facebook pages. The Open Graph Protocol will use the data and display results across user profiles, search and news feeds. When a user searches for something on Facebook just like they do now using Google, they get a set of results based on what they like and what their friends like. A users social circle could determine how advertisers target users.

One thing’s for certain. The integration of social media and search is inevitable. More and more people are flocking to social networking websites, such as Twitter and Facebook. However, the jury is still out on who will be the market leader in social media/search integration. No company has done more to innovative search methodologies than Google. So, Look for Google to challenge Facebook’s step into search by acquiring an established social media website.

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