FREE Adwords Account Audit Offer – 2015.

Last Updated on September 17, 2018

adwords account audit

That Company has begun to offer a FREE Adwords Audit to prospects on a regular basis. If you spend $2,500 a month or more on clicks, and are looking for a professional company to manage your campaign, then you can get a consultation from a Google Adwords Certified Consultant at no cost to you.

How to Sign Up:

If you want to arrange for your Free Adwords Audit, then fill out the form below and insert Promo Code “2015FreeAudit”. A member of our team will reach out to you to schedule a day and time for the call and collect the necessary information

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Why Do We Do This?

Instead of giving you a generic sales pitch on the value of PPC or talking about how we’ve made our client’s PPC Campaigns more successful, we’d rather offer you a hands-on experience. We want you to get to know the professionalism behind the scenes that you would receive as a PPC Management client. Our approach with any of our clients is to better educate them as we improve their marketing efforts.

Every audit performed by THAT! Company has identified at least one of the areas listed below for client improvement. Every recommendation we provide can be utilized by an experienced PPC manager to guide strategies, and give them techniques for prime optimization.

Our Professional PPC Audit and Analysis is Designed to Identify Three Components:

  1. Where is your account “bleeding money” without proper return on investment?
  2. Where can we find opportunities for improvement in efficiencies?
  3. Where are the biggest opportunities for growth?

Our Adwords Audit Consists of the Following 26 Areas THAT! Influence PPC Performance:

That! Company White Label Services


• Tracking • Bid Strategy • Budget Parameters • Rank • Relative Click Thru Rate • Quality Scores • Account Structure • Match Types • Keyword Selection • Bids and Positions • Negative Keywords • Paused Under-Performers
• Ads • Image Ads • Ad Rotation/Testing • Ad Extensions • Phone Calls • Placements/Topics • Demographic Targeting • Remarketing • Search/Display Segregated & Budgeted • Mobile Bid Adjustments
• Adjustments by Day and Time • Geo/Language Targeting

If you have any questions about our Free Adwords Audit, feel free to call and set an appointment, or fill out the form below with Promo Code “2015FreeAudit” to discuss how this can assist your business.

Written By: Mike Knorr – Director of Marketing

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