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Free Agent Twits

Social Media is quickly becoming a platform for sports announcements, especially in the Twitterverse.


The Latest round of big announcements breaking on Twitter are coming from the NBA. Miami Heat superstar Dwayne Wade has been directing his Twitter followers to a YouTube video where he announces that he intends to continue playing for Miami. He also announced that NBA free agent Chris Bosh, of the Toronto Raptors, will be joining him in Miami. Bosh also shared the news with his Twitter followers.




Of course the big news came early this week when Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Lebron James, who is also a free agent this year, signed up for a Twitter account for the first time. It’s the fastest growing Twitter account to date, toppling Microsoft Founder Bill Gates’ record. LeBron’s Twitter moniker is “KingJames,” and everyone has been anxiously awaiting James’decision on who he is going to play for next season.


Many people speculated whether or not James would announce his decision via Twitter. However, because of the massive interest in James’ decision, he opted to make his announcement live on ESPN at 9 p.m. tonight. The chatter on the web and news network is that James may join Wade and Bosch in Miami.


James has been using Twitter to drive traffic to where users can “Share” the site with their Facebook friends or conduct an Internet search using Bing, which is an obvious, but smart, gimmick to encourage fan’s to make the site their homepage.


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