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FREE SEO & SEM Competitive Research – June 2015

Do you want a 2nd opinion? Unsure your SEO / SEM campaigns are as competitive as they should be? Or do you simply want to know what your competitors are doing, and lean on expert to do the research for you?

Whatever your reason, for the month of June, That Company is providing FREE SEO & SEM competitive information to our email newsletter subscribers and blog readers. Along with the research you’ll receive a free consultation of how to analyze the data in a 15 – 30 minute meeting.

Use Promo Code: “ThatResearch” on the form below to reserve a slot now!

What you’ll receive:

High Level Internet Marketing Health Report:

The estimated organic organic traffic / paid traffic your top 3 competitors.


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– The total number of keywords they organically rank for on the first two pages

– If they’re running a Google Adwords Search Campaign

SEO Competitive Research:

The keywords your top 3 competitors are currently ranking for on the first two pages.*

– You’ll know the position they’re in for the keyword.

– The search volume associated with the keyword.

– The specific URL of their site that is ranking for the keyword.

– The value of the keyword (The average CPC)

PPC Competitive Research:

The keywords your top 3 competitors are currently advertising on*

– The position they’re bidding for on average

– The search volume for the keywords

– The cost per click for the keywords

– The ad copy associated with each keyword (Title & Description)

Complimentary Audit:

Provide us the site you’re actively marketing and we’ll provide you with a side by side comparison.

How To Sign Up:

To sign up for the research fill out the form at the bottom right, and enter Promo Code: “ThatResearch”. We’ll contact you shortly to setup a day/time to deliver the analysis and collect the competitors you wish for us to analyze.

*All research is limited to the top 10,000 keywords per competitor. (This will typically be enough, but if you’re trying analyze Amazon we can only pull in so much for free.) 😉

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