What in the FUDGE is HTML5 Anyway?

HTML5 was designed to replace both HTML 4, XHTML, and the HTML DOM Level 2. I can go on here and spout technical terms about how much better HTML5 is to its prior version, but I will not do that. All we need to know is what it can do.

So what exactly can it do?

1st – You’ll have more consistent and defined error handling, which will cut down on the time spent trying to get web pages to show consistently.

2nd – You’ll have the ability to easily add video and audio to your website with simple <video> and <audio> tags.

3rd – The structure of your documents will be more intuitive and easier to read when viewing source code. No more painful scanning to see where that

HUGE <div> tag is closing. Structure will be easier with <header>, <menu>, <section>, <article> and <footer> elements.

4th – Flash may be finally dead. http://churchm.ag/flash-is-dead/ Click on any of the animations and you’ll see why!

Lastly, HTML5 are getting rid of a few tags. No more <b>, <font>, <frame> and <center>.

Written By: Izaak Hale – Web Designer



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