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Gift ideas – only 26 days left!

gift ideas

So my Christmas countdown clock says there are only 26 days (I won’t get into hours and minutes) left until Christmas is finally here. Every year at THAT! Company we have a White Elephant exchange at our Christmas party (Yes, I said Christmas party – it might not be politically correct but I said it anyway).Every year we try to out-do the last and we definitely like to have fun with it. One year there was a “hoe” wrapped so you can easily tell it was a “hoe” and the wrapping paper said “ho, ho, ho” – I thought that was pretty darn funny. Another year, the Shake Weight was the clear winner – it got stolen so many times it reached its maximum number of steals. But being cleaver isn’t easy for everyone and there are times you run out of cool ideas and need a helping hand. Awesome Claus is a pretty good site that provides some nifty ideas for White Elephant exchanges, stocking stuffers or to get that person on your list that has EVERYTHING (everything except what’s on the Awesome Claus list). While scrolling through the list I easily picked out my favorite. Can you guess? Of course, it is the bacon-aid strips. Genius I tell you! You never know – it might make a debut at this years White Elephant exchange. Although, I was planning on wrapping up some Bacon Pancakes.

gift ideas


















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