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GM changes their mind and reinvests in Facebook advertising!

Despite the efforts of nixing social media from their marketing strategies, General Motors seems to have had a recent change in heart after a gentle slap in the face by the hand of Facebook. This wake up call reminded not just GM but also other big companies who budget millions upon millions for online paid advertising that it’s not about how big your budget is, rather how you use it.


Facebook seems to be stepping up their game to assure a spot in the next-generation media by organizing an invite-only Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC) at New York’s American Museum of Natural History. The fMC invitation sounded something like “Join us as Facebook leaders, along with product and marketing experts, share our newest solutions, actionable insights, and proven strategies that demonstrate how you can use social technology to drive business growth.”


With “top secret features” said to be released in the very near future, no wonder why GM hopped back on the band wagon; especially, with their long time rival, Ford, releasing new software geared to integrate the social network’s features, like finding a friend recommended restaurant, sharing music streams, even responding and coordinating with Facebook Events, to enhance the driving experience to be more seamless and safer via Ford Sync.

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