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Golden Ticket Ideas!

Have you ever watched The Office episode where Michael Scott dressed as Willy Wonka and put five golden tickets in different boxes only worth 10% off your next order? Well first off if you haven’t watched The Office shame on you and second it was a great episode. Basically what happens is he sends out 5 tickets to the same company that ends up being the biggest account they have which is a major blow to the company. After it was discovered by corporate what had happened needless to say they were very upset because they were about to lose a ton of money, but the kicker here was the company who got the golden tickets were so excited and tickled at the golden ticket concept they decided to make Dunder Mifflin ( Michael Scott’s) company their main supplier for their supplies. This all resulted in one man’s desire to try something different and show a little bit of initiative. Now the takeaway from this is to not be afraid to try something new in your workspace. Present ideas that might be a little bit out of sorts for your company but can work. In this article, I will go over a few key points on what you can do for a golden ticket idea and how you can execute it…. Without any crazy shenanigans happening like in The Office. So let’s get started.

Coming Up With The Idea:

Now while you are sitting there wondering to yourself, “ how do I come up with a golden ticket idea?” and “ do I have to wear a Willy Wonka suit?” the answer is this, you have to think outside of the box on an idea, sometimes those are the best ones, and as far as the Willy Wonka outfit, I gotta admit the guy has a sharp style but I wouldn’t suggest it in a workplace hahaha. Now ideas do not come easy I know which is why thinking outside the box is never a bad thing, take a moment to really consider all options, in the sales field you are always thinking about new ideas and ways to land more deals or give more incentives to your clients to stay with you. These things could be a multitude of things such as, discounts, buy one get one, early purchase on a new item, whatever the case may be. You have to first narrow down what your niche is and what it needs to improve then you must take the idea to your superior for approval. These are steps that are obvious of course but you would be surprised as to how many will just implement an idea and run with it. You do not want to jeopardize your career or your companies reputation over an idea. Go through the proper channels and do it right.

Bringing The Idea To Life:

Now that you have come up with the idea the next step is bringing it to life and making it a reality. You have thought long and hard about this idea and it is your baby so you must treat it as such. You must make sure that this is handled with care and attention to get the best results. In digital marketing, there is a lot of areas to explore with ideas, Social Media Management, PPC, SEO and Reputation Management, so the possibilities of your idea working are endless. Let’s take for example Social Media, say your idea was how to push your Twitter to handle to get more followers, your idea is to push your Twitter to handle everywhere you can, speaking at a conference? Put your handle on a slideshow, you gotta order new business cards? Put that Twitter handles in there. Another good way to get it out there is to join in on weekly hashtags like #flashbackfriday or #womencrushwednsday, if you are trying to build a social following then you must be an active part in the community so that will mean daily posts and constant monitoring of your account. Another great way to build followers on your social media account is live streaming, in 2016 Facebook launched their live streaming service and rolled it out for its users, if you have a knack for speaking and doing presentations this would be an excellent platform to show off those skills and build up your reputation which is very important, you must build your brand or promote your company by any means necessary.

Keeping The Ball Rolling:

So you have now gotten your idea, you executed it and it is now going well, now you must keep it rolling and alive. How do you do this you may wonder? Well it won’t be easy but it will be worth it, you have to obviously work hard at it and not slip up, you have to be committed to your brainchild because after all you did fight to get this idea rolling and you did do a lot of work to make it come to life so why stop working on it now if you were not committed right? Now back to keeping the ball rolling, let us use the example of getting your Twitter to handle more followers, you have established your need for more followers to build your brand and you have been going hard at it for a while now and all of a sudden you stop posting and you stop engaging with your followers. Well, your followers follow you because they enjoy the content you post and the time you spend interacting with them when you just stop they will lose interest and then go to the top right and hit that little icon that says “unfollow”. Now, why would you want that to happen after you had spent so much time investing in your follower growth?  NEWS FLASH you don’t! You want to keep your followers and you want to keep them engaged with you because you worked your tail off to get them and you are going to continue to work your tail off to keep them unless you want all your hard work to go down the drain for nothing. The choice is obviously yours to make.


Now as I am sure you are aware this blog went a little off track at times, from The Office to Willy Wonka to Golden Tickets, well hopefully it didn’t make you want candy too much cause cavities are no fun and the dentist is a villain with a small drill. But in all seriousness, I hope you took something away from this that will help you in the future whether that be with your business or just yourself. Keep the idea alive and the creative juices flowing because there is never anything wrong with coming up with new and exciting ideas to makes things grow or better for yourself. Also if you haven’t already I highly recommend watching The Office and Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, they are classic shows and you won’t be sorry, hahaha. Thank you for taking the time to read this article as I am sure you have more things you can be doing with your time. But either way, thank you for reading and have a great day.

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