Google Ads Scripts Launched with Limited Access

Last Updated on August 3, 2021

Thursday, Google announced the limited release of scripts in AdWords. With scripts, you can make changes to Google Ads account by writing simple JavaScript programs.


With scripts, you can:


  • Use external inventory data to either change bids or pause/unpause keywords.
  • Output account statistics to a spreadsheet from which you can create reports and visualizations.
  • Use stats trends over several weeks to change keyword or ad group bids.

Built on Google Apps Script technology, these scripts are written in JavaScript, stored in your AdWords account, and run in the cloud. They provide simple access to the most popular AdWords data and functionality, making it possible for a wide range of users to build tools and integrations quickly.

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Scripts run in the Google Apps Script infrastructure, and in addition Google enabled Apps Script integration with three services: you can use Google Spreadsheets and Url Fetcher to integrate with external data, as well as email results of a script execution from the script itself.


AdWords scripts include built-in support for Google Spreadsheets and HTTP services, allowing you to pull in important data and take action in your account. Additionally, the ability to send email makes it possible to develop advanced reporting and data analysis solutions. Google expects that customers with limited resources or technical expertise will find this a compelling platform for building specialized tools and workflows.




adGroup.createKeyword("mars", 0.50, "");


Having a simple interface means that not every feature or setting is exposed, but it should limit the need for deprecations and migrations. Scripts can currently operate against campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords, with the possibility of new data being made available based on customer demand. No registration or developer token is required to write scripts and they are free to use.


In the coming weeks Google plans to enable this feature for everyone. In the interim, they are accepting ( The application site is no longer open – for access. Applicants will be whitelisted in batches as they ramp up usage in the system. In order to apply, you will need an AdWords customer ID (not a My Client Center ID).

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