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Google, Facebook, and Zynga Employee Perks – Will They Continue?


USAToday just published a very interesting article on the employee perks at Google, Zynga and Facebook.  Technology companies are lavishing employees with perks here at a time when much of the nation is experiencing just the opposite: job cuts, belt-tightening at the office and the strains of a generally sour economy.

Free massages, hair cuts, laundry services, shuttles, gourmet meals and snacks galore are only some of the treats showered on employees. The list goes on. Google’s success years ago allowed it to set the bar on comforts. Now it’s looking like a perk playground on steroids in tech.

The need for software engineers is so great that companies are willing to pay $20,000 in finder’s fees to employees who drag in the right people.

Facebook is transforming its new Menlo Park headquarters into a Silicon Disneyland. The former Sun Microsystems property underwent a makeover that tore down office cubicles and put in shared work tables, couches, bars, cafes, eateries and even pubs.  Philz Coffee, a popular local chain, serves drinks made to order, but they’re not free. People work outside at cafe tables. Nearby, there’s a new outdoor barbecue shack with seating.

The kitchen staff puts out food carts that offer hot dogs, pizza or tacos along the main walkway. And Facebook has two main eateries to feed its staff — Epic Cafe and Cafe 18 — which can seat hundreds of the young, T-shirt-clad, smart and pretty people, most of whom are under 30. All food is free, day and night.

The Question has to be, with the added pressures of being a public company will Facebook be able to keep pace in this ever increasing war of perks?


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Read the Whole USAToday Article Here:

Perk wars: Facebook, Zynga, Google jockey for top talent –

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