Google Instant: Going Beyond Predictive Text

Last Updated on August 3, 2021

Google’s step to enhance web users’ experience by returning search engine results before a user even finishes typing the keyword, took many users by surprise Wednesday.

It’s called Google instant and it shows results as you type. Check out the video at the end for the skinny on Google Instant.

The Carpal Tunnel Association of America heralded Google’s accomplishment, saying it would cut work-related keyboard injuries in half, while the United Repair Organization for Computer Keyboards, or UROCK, condemned the technology as a jobs killer.

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At a time when the United States is struggling to create jobs, job-cutting technologies aren’t the answer, UROCK Vice President Basel Teegarden said. A record number of Workers whose job it is to replace the “Enter” key of damaged computer keyboards anticipate filing for unemployment if Google Instant becomes a hit, he added.

Futurists like me, of course, we’re mildly disappointed. “Not good enough,” I say! Let me know, Google when you plan to return my search results while I’m sleeping or before I even think of searching. Then I’ll be impressed! I anticipate Google Clairvoyant to launch in three months.

The search engine giant claims the average searcher takes more than 9 seconds to enter a search term. Google officials hope to save users 2 to 5 seconds per search with Google Instant.

Google estimates that if everyone uses Google Instant Globally, it could save users more than 3.5 billion seconds a day, or 11 hours saved every second or 15,840 hours a day. Just think! Now we have so much time for activities. Google is giving us more time to pursue world peace, a cure for cancer, solve world hunger, play retro logo video games, or watch the guidos and guidettes destroy what’s left of MTV.

But, if you want to protest this time-saving technology and yell, “Leave my search alone,” you have options. If you want to wait for your search results the old-fashioned way, you’re more than welcome to turn it off. You can turn off Google instantly by clicking the link next to the search box or by visiting your Preferences page.

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While you knuckle draggers are engaged in your primitive search, I’ll be finishing my fifth hour of playing Google Logo Pac-Man.


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