How PPC Is Evolving

Last Updated on July 25, 2017

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is constantly changing, an evolution process that must be kept up with to verify your account is performing the best it can. Here are some of the ways PPC advertising has changes in the past 12 months, and areas you may be able to implement to help your current campaigns:

Sitelinks – Sitelinks are a very good way to break out your ad to streamline your particular traffic. By adding various Sitelinks, you can get your potential customer/client to a specific page quicker, and enhance the opportunity for a conversion. The best part is, you can create the specific Sitelink you want to provide for your ad, and they can be set independently per campaign. They do need to have their own URL, as Google will not show multiple Sitelinks with the same URL just to have more ad space. This will help your CTR (Click Through Rate) which will ultimately make your ads more relevant, reducing your cost per click.

Enhanced Campaigns – the new Enhanced Campaigns made it necessary to restructure the account set up process once again. Most of us were utilizing multiple campaigns with each of those targeting Mobile, Tablet and Desktop traffic. This made it easy to optimize the traffic, or completely shut off an area that was not working. The Enhance Campaigns put all this traffic together again, making it a bit more challenging to manage.

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Match Types – Google introduced a new match type, Modified Broad keywords. This helps qualify searches with specific keywords you want in the search, by adding a + in front of the corresponding keywords. This reduces some of the unwanted traffic, but does not replace negative keyword research.

Display Targeting – Topic Targeting allows you to choose the specific topics you wish for your Display Ads to show on when a web site is visited. Again, you still need to verify the websites your ads are showing on, but it is a very nice improvement to the standard targeting.

There are many more areas Google has made advancements and changes in, but these are some of the bigger areas for quick improvement on current campaigns. If you are not utilizing these, give them a try.

Written By: Bobby Ballash – Director of PPC

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