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How SEO relates to all digital advertising

When businesses are looking for ways to build up their online sales there are several methods to consider in digital advertising.


Paid Advertisement

This is paid advertisement through Google or Search Alliance (Yahoo & Bing). The industry term for this is PPC or Pay Per Click advertising. This method of paying each time that your ad is clicked and traffic is sent to your site has a cost vary based on a multitude of factors.


One of these major factors is how well your site relates to the term you are advertising upon. If your content, site design, or relevancy to the term your adverting on is poor or substandard in the view of the advertiser, your cost for this is likely to be much higher. SEO applies to this to give you more relevant pages to your advertisement. If you have to pay for your advertisement, at least try to get it as cheap as you can, this has a profound effect on your overall return on investment.


Banner Advertisement

This is direct banner advertisement on relevant sites through third party sources. Much in the same vein as PPC if the person who arrives on your site is not presented with the product that they are looking for in an easy to understand method your budget will be spent quickly.


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SEO works to make certain that not only is your website visible to the search engines, but that your website is designed in a fashion to take the visitor and convert them to client. Making certain that the appropriate page is designed and optimized for the type of advertisement you are doing is paramount.


Social Media

While certainly not a new topic, it is the newest to the arsenal of advertisement. With an ever increasing number of individuals using social media as a method of interacting with not just friends, they have transitioned into using social media as a regular method of contacting and maintaining communication with businesses. While often the communication is maintained at the social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, it does often roll back through to the business website.


Social Media interacts with SEO efforts as it gives a strong indication on activity on products and concerns in a very timely manner. Rankings today for websites have a factor of social activity involved in their algorithms. At the same time, SEO of the website aids in transitioning the social client to being a website client by including appropriate and engaging content. In a prefect situation, you will want to have a comprehensive and balanced approach using all avenues to generate sales/leads. SEO plays a vital role in any digital strategy for your organization, even if your primary focus may be another method of digital advertisement. Basic SEO will establish the foundation for all of the rest of your efforts.


Proper SEO practices aid in building a solid base for future digital marketing, direct ads, and social media efforts. No matter how many times you post an ad, buy a banner, tweet or share a product/service, if your site does not live up to expectations, you are not getting the best use of your website.


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