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How to Give Your Site SEO Effectiveness

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Seven Steps To Power Your On-page Optimization, Part Two

Last time, I spoke about 4 key steps to building SEO effectiveness for your site: Correct URL construction, mobile responsive design, optimized images and optimized page load times. If you didn’t read my last blog (if you do post to our page please hyperlink “last blog”) please take a moment to read the first four steps and then continue reading below for steps 5 through seven.

5. Easy Navigation

Make your site easy to navigate for both your human visitors and any search engines looking for data. The best places to put your navigation menu is vertically on the left side of the page, or across the top. Drop-down menus may feel unique, but they are difficult to navigate for everyone. Keeping the menu manageable with somewhere between five and seven tabs will be key when constructing your panel.

6. Social Media Integration

To the public eye, social signals are not a part of Google’s ranking algorithm. Spokespersons for the search engine have stated that they are not used. However, as a professional at a digital marketing firm, I can assure you that is incorrect. How much of an effect it has is still unknown, but it does change the results. This means that the benefits of integrating social media to get your content to your consumer is enhanced. To get the job done right, you need to make sure that you are incorporating your social media share icons onto all of your pages. Then begin promoting your content on any social media platforms you are utilizing.

7. Keyword Centric Design

Keyword research should be the foundation to your website. If you have not taken the time to establish a solid keyword set before embarking on the quest to creating a better website, do it now. Keyword-focused content will make a big difference when researching phrases that are related to your core products or services. Understanding the topics on which you want to focus, and helping your visitors to find those via your navigation bars, will make your keyword research invaluable.

There is so much that goes into SEO, and while all of these are important, no single piece is the silver bullet to a successful SEO campaign. While in fact this is all related to your site, there are steps to be taken after achieving onpage optimization. If I can be of assistance to your website via keyword research, or even ongoing optimization for content, link-building, and social media please call me at 1-877-467-6694, or schedule an appointment at this link.

— Joshua Feuerbacher, Social Media Marketing Manager


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