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How to Maximize Traffic Back to Your Site From Youtube

So you’ve decided to put some videos up on Youtube to increase awareness about your brand. Congratulations that’s great! Now you want to know why you’re video isn’t being viewed a million times and sending traffic back to your site. Well here’s a list of tips for you to help get your Youtube Campaign on track.

1. Keywords Keywords Keywords

When you create your youtube video make sure you’re putting in relevant keywords into the Title of the video. For those of you that understand Seo this is common sense. Not only should you put important keywords in the Title of the video, but include the keywords you want the video to rank for in the description and the tags section. Optimizing your video not only helps you rank within Youtube search, but you can potentially get the video to rank in Google search as well! Here’s an example for the search “best mma fights”

2. Make your Video Thumbnail Enticing!

There is so much content in the world that we all tend to “judge a book by its cover”. We don’t want to waste a few minutes of our lives with unimportant videos. Give the person a reason to watch your video with an enticing video thumbnail. The best way to do this is when you are in the editing process make sure your video’s first image represents the video the best. A still image of a man with a dumb look on his face about to address the camera isn’t going to cut it.

3. Description and Contact Information


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Now that you’ve gained their attention some will read the description in a Google search before clicking. Make sure to include a good statement as to why they want to spend time watching the video. In the description also provide a link back to your site or even your email address so as to make it easy for viewers to contact you.

4. Call to Action

Now that they’re watched your video make sure to have a call to action at the end. If your goal is to gain more “subscribers” then make sure to ask them to subscribe! If you’re goal is to get them back to your site well then by golly tell them the domain and give them a good reason to visit the site. Generic sayings like “To learn more about…” simply won’t work. Provide Value! A great call to action is “In the description is a link back to our site where you can receive a discount code for 20% off our latest product…” or “Visit our site www.(yoursitehere)/YoutubeWhitePaper to download our white paper with information on how social media marketing is changing 2012 marketing strategies” These call to actions also allow you to track who saw your videos and how effective your campaign is moving.

If you think these are great tips then please share this with your fellow business friends who may not be getting their heads around Youtube Marketing. If you need any assistance with Social Media Marketing fill out this contact form or give us a call at 352-319-0222.

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