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How to Structure a Facebook Ads Campaign

“Constantly test your ads. You need to test out different types of ads over and over again before you get an idea of what works. Facebook makes it very easy. This helps us understand what’s happening and act on it.”   [1] – Luca Daniel, Co-founder, Joseph Nogucci

1. Each objective gets a separate campaign created

Proper set up of campaigns is crucial to understanding why an ad did or did not work. The proper set up can help with measuring results, testing different audiences, and understanding which ad worked the best. The campaign structure has three levels: campaign, ad set, and an ad. A campaign has one or more ad sets and ads. What ad results are you looking for?

  • Page Post Engagement
  • Page Likes
  • Clicks to Website
  • Website Conversions
  • App Installs
  • App Engagement
  • Event Responses
  • Offer Claims
  • Video views

The foundation of the account begins at the campaign level. You can select an objective for the campaign to bring the desired results. The ad and ad sets will follow this same objective. At the campaign level, ad sets and ads can be turned on or off. At this level you can measure the performance of the objectives across different ad sets and ads. The campaign level is where you can track how much has been spent for the campaign. This is where you can set a limit to how much is spent before the campaign begins to run. The ads reporting tab in Ads Manager is where you can evaluate the campaign’s performance.

2. Ad sets organized by audience

Organize your ad sets for your audienceSet your budget, schedule, bidding, and placement of ad sets after determining your target audience. To  determine your different target audiences, create a separate ad set for each one. Assigning different audiences for each ad set will lessen the ad sets from competing against each other. For your budget and schedule decide the most you want to spend for the ad set. You can choose from a daily or lifetime budget. You can set the ad to run starting from today or within a predetermined range of dates. You can find the right audience to target in Audience Insights and the reporting tab in Ads Manager.

*** Do not change your budget type while the campaign is running. Your spending budget will be reset when you change it from a daily to a lifetime budget. The same applies if you switch it from a lifetime to a daily budget.

3. Bidding and placement for the objective

Bidding is where you decide to bid for the objective, clicks, or impressions. This decision will determine how you pay. This same decision decides who the ad gets placed in front of. For placement, there are multiple options to choose from. You can place the ad on the desktop News Feed, the mobile News Feed, or on the right-hand column. Choose multiple placements for the ad set to have more chances for delivery.


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4. Various ads need to be created to maximize the media created for the ad

You will want to test your ads on the ad level to see what works best. It will be helpful to make ad variations with images, text, link, or video. These will help to target and hit the various kinds of ways you can get people’s attention. You cannot generalize and put everyone in the same group. Within the ad set you are not allowed to have more than 50 ads. For ads to run properly you will want to review their performance often to stay on top of them. When you notice an ad is not performing well you can use the on/off switch to pause/stop ads that are failing or not working properly.

5. Your budgets must be reapportioned

reapportion your budget for ad sets in Facebook campaigns In order for you to reapportion your budgets you will have to review your ad sets. Reviewing your ad sets will aide in managing whether they work and follow along with your goals. If an ad or ad set is performing poorly, this is where you will want to turn them off. You will turn them off to put that money elsewhere. The money should be reapportioned to the most productive and crucial ad sets. Focusing on the ads and ad sets that are working will help you effectively spend your budget allocated for Facebook. Facebook recommends that you turn the ad set off versus deleting the ad set. When you delete an ad or ad set you are unable to restart them. This also helps create less work in the future if you decide to use the same ad set again for testing. If you delete it, you will have to start over from scratch for that ad or ad set.

This blog post is a quick insight into how to structure a Facebook Ads campaign. Facebook Blueprint is Facebook’s global education and certification platform that teaches agencies and advertisers to maximize their business results effectively by marketing with Facebook’s apps and services they have available. Facebook IQ is a good source to help marketers understand people of different generations, different geographies, different times, as well as the different devices people use. In order to create your first ad, you can go here to begin. You can always check the resources Facebook has available to get help with various areas of creating an ad or how the ads perform. Facebook resources can help you with billing, payments, creating ads, ad delivery, ad performance, ad account settings, ad management tools, my business page, reporting, insights, and Instagram.

All these resources are available for your business from Facebook, but they can be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar to the process. Here at That! Company we can create your Facebook ad campaign structure. We can educate you throughout the process while we manage your campaign. Get a FREE consultation from us by filling out the contact info section on our PPC Marketing page. We work with clients directly and also provide white label services if needed.

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