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The Impact of Social Signals and How They Will Affect Search Engine Rankings

Everyone in the Internet marketing world has seen the writing on the wall. With the roll out of Hummingbird & Penguin, the way we used to do things is no longer standard operating procedure. But, one thing is certain… social signals is probably the next big thing when it comes to ranking and gaining authority in the major search engines.

As much as I revolt against the Google train, it makes sense to an extent. We see movies that our friends recommend. We patronize restaurants on word of mouth reviews from people we know. Is the Internet or websites any different? I assert a resounding “no” at the top of my lungs. I see the search engine world taking a similar approach.

The interaction or relationship between people will play a role and have an impact on organic search rankings. Whether it comes from shares on Facebook, the people who like your product, brand or service on Facebook, Twitter followers, tweets which mention you or the people in Google+ circle… this type of engagement puts a pulse on what we see, like and find relevant. So, we should see traction and results based on increased social media buzz or virality.

In fact, the instant gratification of social media has made us as users of the internet feel closer to some companies, has increased a sense of loyalty and has made it easier to provide feedback directly. Case in point: I broke the clip to my cell phone case. A minor rant of a Tweet got the notice of a warranty representative from that particular company. They directed me to their website where I was able to submit a picture of the broken part. Two days later, a replacement was in the mail. I never even thought of reaching out to the company… I was just going to purchase a new case.

So on my next cell phone upgrade, which product will I buy to protect it? You guessed it. And guess how many times I have shared this positive experience with others… they have a customer for life. And the relationship was based and started all on social media interaction.

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