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Important Tasks in White Label Social Media Management

Before Facebook and its kin revolutionized the digital landscape, brands only had to deal with one client at a time. Consumer complaints were resolved in private corners, with no crowds to judge your service team’s response. Marketing was something you plodded out on glossy pages, and the word “influencer” was just a grammatical mistake. Today, one bitter buyer in hand is 10 000 in the bush. You can’t afford to lose the loyalty of the hoards, so you must treat every interaction with your audience like a marketing campaign because that’s precisely what it’s become. Social media management requires more than just a Twitter handle, so if you last checked your DMs when dinosaurs roamed the internet, you’re in dire need of a social media management strategy. Social networks are the human expression of your brand identity, and they should be managed as such–efficiently, in depth, and in keeping with every brand’s personality. Few agencies are masters of all social media “trades,” but fortunately, That! Company is. We’ll breathe life into your social media management strategy and let you take all the credit. Our approach includes several key tasks, delivered on your clients’ behalf under your agency’s banner.

Social Media Listening

Social Media Management | White Label SMM

There are 2.1 million negative brand mentions on the internet every day, and each of them plays out on a vast stage visible to thousands. Today’s complaints can travel around the world in mere hours, so one unhappy customer can be fatal to your clients’ reputations. Brand mentions aren’t the bane they might seem, though. They’re honest consumer impressions of the businesses you serve. In a pre-Google era, companies used to pay thousands of dollars for such insights. The internet is your focus group, and it gives you the opportunity to shine.

Social media management must transform every negative slant into a marketing opportunity. Listening tools help you to track conversations around each brand across media so that you can fix every woe and then put its lesson into practice. Add image recognition software and you can identify a brand in any medium.

Service Analytics

Your social media listening strategy should collect data by segment, sentiment, location, and gender. A minute-by-minute analysis can become a CIA-grade investigation that identifies important changes in your brand landscape and their causes. If you’re experiencing an unexpected flurry of mentions, it’s important to discover it early enough to fix problems before they multiply.

The Social Marketer

Facebook ads, hashtags, and daily posts cannot achieve an effective social marketing strategy on their own. You must harness storytelling, branding, and design to find and unleash your most resonant voice. To deliver a message everyday social media users want to find in their feeds, you need to know your channels, personas, and buying funnel stages, then develop a minimum viable marketing strategy that you can test and improve upon. Your marketing campaigns must play to the algorithms of every network, from Facebook’s Edgerank to Twitter’s timeline algorithm. It’s not enough to appear in feeds, though. Your engagement rate must rise to the top, and that requires you to creep beneath the skin of daily conversations.

Marketing Analytics

No social media marketing campaign is complete at the point of execution anymore. It must be fine-tuned according to its efficacy, user reactions, industry trends, and world events as soon as it goes live. Most social networks offer basic analytics tools to business users, but they lack the key insights you need to understand your audience. Your brand’s social presence requires deep dives into your impressions, clicks, and content performance in all locations. Every metric you work with must be covered. The data you collect will inform everything your brand does in the future, from product development to human resources management.


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24/7 Online Presence

The online world races along at a staggering pace, so artificial intelligence is an important way to become part of daily conversations. 69% of audiences prefer chatbots for their instant communication, and they’re becoming such impressive content creation tools that even The New York Times and Bloomberg rely on them to generate clicks. AI can’t compete with human writers, of course, but it can interface with your own content and generate readable text that forms the basis for human-generated prose. Some of the most innovative new tools can deliver a chat-based experience within mobile ad units. Conversational display adverts can kick off new campaigns and carry buyers deeper into the buying funnel more effectively than news feed ads alone. White label software as a service products let you leverage this cutting edge technology without the massive upfront investment involved in buying your own program.

Social Media Advertising Management

The days when advertising was a one-way conversation are over. Unhappy clients and curious awareness-stage shoppers unite under every ad, so every social media campaign has the potential to degenerate into catastrophe. The discussions beneath each advert require the high-level involvement of a specialized team, so AI can’t replace human service providers entirely. A white label team can interact under your clients’ brands, leaving you to manage the marketing niche you’re best at.

White Label App Development

App development allows every brand to create its own blogging or sharing platform. With white label media app development, each brand can provide registration, blog subscriptions, secure payment gateways, and administration to support their social media campaigns. Why rely entirely on existing social networks when you can create your own landscape to interface with your audiences? Mobile apps have become prerequisites of successful projects, and you can create them from scratch the white label way. With your clients’ buyers creating just the content they need to market their brands; they can benefit from an incomparable online presence.

Content Curation

Content creation tools can reduce the time involved in social media management, delivering relevant, valuable content while keeping you on top of your industry’s latest trends. Enterprise content curation tools can discover meaningful content, repurpose it, and shift it across all your content channels on the fly. Plugins handle your storage and cross-platform compatibility so that you can work with your own aggregated newsfeed.

Social Engagement Aggregation

Social Media Management | Social Engagement

The internet is a vast universe, so gathering all your conversations in one place will shave hours off your workday. Social engagement aggregation tools are the desk declutters of the internet, letting you manage your social media conversations from one place. They’ll let you respond to tweets, messaging, mentions, and shares from everyday users and influencers alike. This way, you can support your agency’s clients using one basic inbox workflow.

Marketers of the late Nineties had a bare-bones directive: master a few niches, climb up to the stars, and enjoy their view from the top. In those days, Google was a research project, not a marketing target, and blogs were the only recognizable social medium. Now, the social media explosion requires garden variety marketers to become veritable tech giants, competent at everything from algorithms to analytics. Social networks have multiplied in complexity. They’re governed by algorithms, tools, and analytics every bit as advanced as Google’s. White label services deliver all the complexity of a thorough social media management strategy and let you take the credit. It doesn’t get simpler or more profitable than That!

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