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What is an Inbound Marketing Agency?

inbound marketing
An inbound marketing agency is a partner and agent for change in the growth and transformation of your company’s sales and marketing. A shift has taken place from traditional forms of advertising to new forms of advertising and marketing. Inbound marketing helps your company get found by more people in your target market, converts them into prospects and gives a measurable return on investment for your sales and marketing dollars. It is designed to attract your ideal customers to your products and services by providing them with useful information through sources such as blog posts and social media, and converting them into an interested party in your company.

Characteristics of an Inbound Marketing Agency

inbound marketing
There are many characteristics an inbound marketing agency has, but there are five that are the most important. First, you need to have the right services by hiring an internet marketing company who excels in traffic generation services like blogging and content creation, SEO and link building.

Second, there must be a clear process. Agencies should be able to clearly lay out and explain in order the methods for drawing clients to your services or products. Third, there needs to be an emphasis on measurement of the results of the content, so that you can see the progress made towards the goals.

Fourth, there should be strong project management skills, meaning the agency is able to make your dreams and ideas come true and make your life easier. Finally, the agency should be able to optimize your website with landing pages and premium content that will draw prospects to your site.

What That! Company Does for You

inbound marketing
We do not believe in fixed packages. We want to make your content and website as unique as a one of a kind painting. We focus on the success of your business and help you improve your current marketing plan, overcome challenges, achieve your goals and more. You get a customized plan that is built around your business and your goals. We help you define your company and your ideal customer, so that we can build content and a site that best attracts them and helps convert these leads into long-term customers.

We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer retention, and we pass this success on to you. We take care of you and your customers with exceptional designs, relevant content and a map system to bring customers to your website. If you want a top-notch, experienced inbound marketing agency, then That! Company is right for you. Contact us today!


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