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Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing
Influencers are people that have a certain level of power when it comes to the decision making process. Influencers that relate directly to social media have an impact on your decision making to buy a product, leave a review, or even test out that new restaurant you have been hesitant on. The influencers here have a special effect on the audiences that follow them and find it easier to make a decision if they feel they have reinforcement on that decision.

Consumers want to know what something is before they buy into it and this can be helpful when influencers support your brand in the form of advertisement or reviews. It’s important to make sure that the influencers in the industry you are in have a personal touch to the product so that they can understand what it is like to make that purchase. This helps with buyer remorse and will in turn, increase the fans/followers of your brand without hurting you for their misconceptions. The influencer is no different than an endorsement for a basketball shoe from Stephen Curry.  There are just those individuals that hold followers in a certain industry that can help you emulate that success much faster than without it.

Once you have decided that influencer marketing is where you want to focus your time next, you have to decide how to get out there without being heavy on sales. Learn to build relationships and understand everyone is in it for them. Bring to the table ideas, strategies and products that will help the influencers expand their network and grow their fan base. Understand why they would want to work with you and play to those strengths. This will be different for every individual in every industry and it all starts with asking for help.  Aligning with influencers can bring social media awareness, loyalty to your brand, traffic to your website, and even build experiences for them to share with friends and family.

The goal is to help any brand build relationships without breaking the bank and without putting too much trust in ads. If you are only doing ads for your clients, chances are that once those ads no longer work or if they never work, the only solution you have is to post, post, post. There is more available to those that can create a system (like us) that dives into the market or industry your brand is in, to begin building those relationships. It’s important that you take the time to find out who is broadcasting reliable information in your industry and follow that.

–Joshua Feuerbacher, Social Media Manager

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