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Is This Relevant?

When assembling your Google Adwords campaigns one of the most overlooked things
is relevancy. Some people have the thought that they can just throw a bunch of words
together in a campaign and then it should just work. Well it doesn’t quite work that way
folks. One of the key factors that Google uses to determine Quality Score is relevancy, and
therefore it’s something that needs to be paid attention to.
There are discrepancies as to how much relevancy is weighted when Google compiles
your Quality Score, but a safe medium is about 20%. That’s enough weight to say that
relevancy is..well, relevant. However, it can be fairly simple if you think about it as you
would a well organized website. You have your homepage with links to your categories, and
then your categories lead you to a products page which then leads you to a product. Every
one of these pages is relevant to the last. Adwords is no different. Your account leads to
relevant Campaigns…which then lead you to relevant Ad Groups… which lead you to
relevant keywords…which lead you to relevant ad variations…which ultimately leads a
visitor to a relevant landing page.
Think for a second about selling apples for a moment……
Your account is going to sell apples. Your Campaigns can be simply Red and Green apples.
Your Ad Groups for the Red Apples will be Gala, McIntosh, Red Delicious and others. The
keywords will be relevant to each type in your Ad Groups. Then your Ad Variations can be
written to be relevant to each keyword, and then of course your landing page will simply be
the product page for that particular apple. Relevancy all around and you score a whopping
positive 20% towards your Quality Score!
Written By: Ed Cehi

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