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Is your SEO Company Being Transparent and Accountable?

So, is your internet marketing/SEO company being transparent? Are they accountable for their success/failure? Here’s Three areas that you can expect any well-respected SEO Company to be covering.

1. Reporting

First of all are you receiving weekly reports? This one is very obvious; if you’re not receiving reports then that’s one sign you’re working with a SEO Company that isn’t even attempting to be accountable/transparent. They should be demonstrating to you what they’re doing to earn your money. They should show you what content was created, what links were developed, the quality of those links and not simply the quantity, and overall what they’ve been working on to continue to earn your business. Have you ever met someone who does a good job/deserves your money that isn’t going to tell you why they continue to deserve your business?

2. Training/Education

Is your SEO agency training and educating you? If they’re trying to pull off the whole Wizard of OZ and “Don’t look behind the curtain” you should be concerned. At That Company it is our mission to make our clients educated buyers so you can better understand our Procedures and Processes and why we do what we do. Again, wouldn’t a good SEO firm want you to know what they’re up to, why they’re doing it, and why you should continue to invest with them? If you feel a bit left out perhaps ask your firm for clarification on what you don’t understand and see how they respond.

3. Regular Calls


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Are you having weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly calls with your SEO agency? Communication is important to any relationship so it’s equally important to have with your SEO firm. There are things that need to be approved/updated/discussed so regular meetings are important.


Are you receiving the level of transparency/accountability you deserve from your current firm?

Written By: Michael Knorr – Marketing Manager

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