Learn Basic Joomla Website Editing with That! Izaak

Last Updated on November 13, 2017

First, I’d like to congratulate anyone who has developed their own website. It is a huge step to gaining business online!


That! Company’s Senior Web & Graphic Designer, Izaak, holds free monthly Joomla sessions for all current and previous That! Company clients to address any questions you may have as well as review general topics and issues. These sessions are designed to hold your hand while we walk you through how to edit text and change pictures on your site through your Joomla content management system. This way your website can be as up-to-date without having to wait on a web master or anyone else!


About Izaak:

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Izaak Hale has been doing Graphic Design work since ’98 and has been a Web Developer with That! Company for almost half a decade. He is familiar with HTML, CSS, C panel, and Joomla. He has also created banners, e-blasts, and other advertisements for the Orlando Magic, Fairwinds Credit Union, Western Union, and a multitude of other clients.


Hale is driven by personal achievement. He aims to continuously create memorable and award-winning designs for our clients. Izaak acquired a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Boise State University and enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising every day, as well as making time to sketch and be a part of the sports community.

“Go Spurs and Vikings!”


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