Learn the Formula for Well Performing Facebook Ads

Last Updated on November 2, 2017

When launching your advertising, you first must define your expectations. Are you trying to expand your fan base with likes, followers or drive more traffic to your website? Maybe you are sending people to a landing page and capturing email addresses to launch an email marketing campaign. Regardless of your goals… follow this simple methodology to create your own high-impact ads.

To create stunning ads, I like to use the A.I.D.A. formula. Let me explain further.

A – Attention (a headline that is shocking or extremely noticeable)

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I – Interest (something to make users want to know more or using interesting pictures)

D – Desire (creating a “I want or need this”, fear of loss, or time sensitive)

A – Action (call to action like CLICK ME, LEARN MORE, SEE THE SHOCKING VIDEO, etc.)

People go on social media sits to be SOCIAL. Talking with their friends about the family, their dog or an experience at a restaurant. Not to look at advertising on the right side of their Facebook newsfeed but, we have just come to accept it. With that being the case, following this simple formula will ultimately help you make your ads more effective.

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