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Making A PPC Landing Page

Making A PPC Landing Page

So you’ve started your Google Adwords campaigns and things are up and running, but you are not getting the conversions that you had hoped for. One thing that you need to look at is your landing pages. PPC Landing Pages can help not only with conversions, but they also can help increase your Quality Scores which lead to lower Cost per Clicks and stretch your PPC budget further. Your main goal with a PPC Landing Page is to have your ad variation and the content of your landing page closely related. This increases your relevance and also helps increase your visitors perception of credibility with your website.

Getting higher Quality Scores should always be one of your main goals when creating any Adwords campaign. Higher Quality Scores reduce your Cost per Click which helps gain more clicks for every dollar you spend. It also helps increase your ad ranking which makes your ad variations more visible and increases the likelihood that your ad will be clicked leading to more conversions. PPC Landing Pages are just one portion of how Quality Score is determined. This is measured by how closely your ad content matches your PPC Landing Page content. Always be sure to have your message in your landing page, and when possible have it listed in your title.

Next… where is your Call to Action on your PPC Landing Page? Your Call to Action should always be visible “Above the Fold”. Whether it’s a form to fill out or “Add to Cart” button, it should always be visible and above the fold (no scrolling to see it) so that visitors are presented with a clear and precise way to convert.

Lastly… experiment. Now that you know the general idea behind creating a correct PPC Landing Page, try different layouts to see which can convert better. Maybe something as simple as a new headline or a list of product/service features. Try different variations after collecting enough data on one variation and see if another works better.

PPC Landing Pages help increase conversions and give your visitors a better experience. Use the information above to help improve ROI on your marketing budget. Don’t just increase your spend to get higher rankings… improve your landing page to get higher Quality Scores, a lower CPC, more traffic and greater conversions.

Written By: Ed Cehi – PPC

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