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Why Do I Need a PPC Manager?

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Are you marketing your business online through Adwords, BingAds, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other platform you may be advertising in and you are not getting the results you are looking for?  This happens to more people than you realize.  Online marketing is a continued effort with many different philosophies, but all need to be familiar with the various platforms in which you are advertising from.


An experienced PPC Manager will have a vast knowledge of many platforms and will be able to help you get the best value from your spend online.  This does not happen overnight, so do not let anyone tell you that it can. This simply is not true.  As stated above, there are many philosophies and tactics to get to the end result (conversions, leads, or whatever your goal might be), but a good PPC manager will have the necessary knowledge and tools to get the job done.


Negative Keywords


Some of the various tools a PPC Expert may use are the proper use of negative keywords.  What is a negative keyword?  If you are asking this, then you are definitely wasting money and can use expert advice.  A negative keyword is a phrase that was searched for deriving from one of your keywords in your account.  This is a variation of your keyword that has no business driving traffic to your site, thus wasting precious money, more than likely driving your CTR (clickthrough rate) down, and getting a high Bounce Rate (someone visiting your site and leaving without going to any additional pages because the website was not what they were looking for).  These keyword can be blocked through Adwords or any of the various platforms so that you do not show for irrelevant traffic, and waste your hard earned money with frivolous clicks to your site.  This is a huge cost saver for any account, and the proper negative keywords will eliminate the bad traffic to your site, thus increasing your CTR and more than likely dropping the average cost-per-click for your account.



Another area a good PPC Manager will benefit you is the ability to look at all of the features in your account and determine which is of benefit and which is not, and make those recommendations to you with the knowledge that good should come of a test of said product.  Lets take a look at one of the products that comes to mind: Remarketing.  Remarketing allows you to deliver ads to anyone that has shown interest in your product or service, and did not convert while they visited your site the first time.  Well why would I want to show my ads to them again if they did not convert the first time?  That is a valid question and one that might be relevant for some businesses (locksmith, tow truck service, etc). Most businesses are in direct competition with one another, and competitive shopping happens every day.  I came across a baffling stat that 90% of shioppers do not convert on the first trip to a website.  This is an astounding number that backs the need for Remarketing.  Remarketing allows you to continue showing ads to those potential customers to get them back to your site to “finalize” the conversion.


There are many other tools we could discuss, and there are many management philosophies that work well on a daily basis.  A good PPC Manager knows these tactics, how to manipulate the platforms we work in EVERY DAY, and can educate you along the way as well.  What???  You said you will educate me in the process??  Yes, a good PPC Manager will educate you in your meetings on what is being done to your account, so you are aware of changes and able to work in accordance with your manager.  The relationship with your manager is essential to get the right performance and continue to build your business.


If any of this sounds like what you are going through now, please contact us at That! Company. Call 1-352-319-0222 and we would be pleased to see what we can do for you.


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–Bobby Ballash, Director of Search Engine Marketing

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