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Not Using Google Places? Here Is What You're Missing.

If your local business hasn’t claimed its “place” in Google Places, you’re missing out! Google data shows up to 20% of all searches request a specific location. What does 20% mean to your business? Well, in 2013, Google worldwide search was 2.16 trillion. That means 432 billion searches utilized a location in the search phrase. And it’s not a far leap to assume that many of those local searches involved your geography.

Claiming your presence in Google Places meant your business or service will display on local search results and in Google maps. It’s not a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity.

Think about your own behavior as a consumer and how you locate services such as a florist, for example. Are you grabbing the phone book or are you grabbing your smartphone? When someone requests any local search result, Google simply digs into the Google Places listigs and returns those businesses who are listed there. Do you like convenience and supporting local small businesses as much as you can? Google Places is a critical piece in today’s world for helping small businesses grow their brand awareness online.

Customized listings can be created that help tell your story and stand-out from your competitors. It provides contact information quickly and easily. Let us help you optimize your business in Google Places today!

Our $350 small business package includes:

  • Complete listing in both Google Places and Bing Local
  • Identify keywords categories to prioritize for Places listing
  • Write optimized description
  • Complete all relevant fields with information from client, including videos and images whenever possible
  • Establish verification of listing via phone, post card, etc. (client assistance required to validate)



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