Online Identity trashed? Consider changing your name or face.

Are you concerned about your social media personality – how people see you online – and the effect it could have on your job prospects. Are you worried about your friends posting those unflattering pictures from the night before. Better log onto facebook and untag those photos.


In a recent interview with Wallstreet Journal interview, Google CEO Eri Schmidt predicted the a future where young adults fresh out of college would have to change their names to avoid potentially embarrassing online identities.


Stephen Colbert, the host of Comedy’s Central’s The Colbert Report, took schmidt’s prediction a step further and forcasted a future where plastic surgeons would invevitably benefit.


Below is the video of Colbert’s “Word” segment where he takes a tounge-and-cheeck approach to the growing infatuation social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter.


Click here to see the Video





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