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Optimization For Click Throughs & Conversions

When optimizing for click throughs & conversions there are a number of things you can do. However, there are three things that I like to target more than others as they have proven to give me the best return or improvement. Even if you feel that your website is optimized you should always be in the cycle of some test. Testing the following three things consistently can help you realize improved click-through rates & conversions.

  1. Relevancy: Relevancy is something I have always preached from day one. This is the most important thing when trying to increase click-throughs and conversions. First, if your ad creative isn’t relevant to the visitor’s search query then what is their incentive to click on your ad? Of course, I’m referring to Paid Search when I refer to ad creatives, but what about organic search? Well, the same thing goes. Google is going to ad content from your website to your organic search listing that is relevant to the visitor’s search query. If it doesn’t match, what’s the chance that someone is going to click through to your site? Make sure that your content is relevant. The best way to do this is to ensure that only one topic is discussed on each page. If you write content that addresses multiple topics then how are we to know if it is relevant to our search? And if we don’t know how is Google going to know? Content has always been king and relevance is the key.

  2. Perceived Value: What is the perceived value of what you are offering. Is your solution the correct solution for the visitor? Does your product/service/solution solve the visitor’s problem? If not then it’s time to reevaluate your paid search terms and page content. We want our landing page to offer a solution to the visitor’s problem. Once they recognize that you are offering a solution to their problem, the battle is half won.

  3. Call To Action: What do I do next? Always assume that your visitor doesn’t know what to do next. So it’s your job to guide them through your website by leaving a map, or trail for them to follow. You’ll need to think about everyone’s needs here as well. So, let’s say that you’re a jeweler, and your website offers financing as well as other regular forms of payment. Well in order to get financed they will need to get approved before going through the shopping cart process. Make sure that you offer a visible call to action that guides those visitors to the finance application page of your site from the product page. Next, let’s say you’re a lawyer. You will most likely want to get a retainer from your visitors. In order to do this you need to get in contact with them which means you need a lead. Have a form to fill out that is prominent, and guide your visitors to fill the form out… “Fill Out Our Simple Form To Have Our Attorneys Reach Out To You For Your FREE Consultation!”. Also, leave your phone number in large print so that it is the first thing they see on the page with the call to action… “Call Today… Our Attorneys Are Waiting To Take Your Call.”. Make sure that your call to actions have the opportunity to do what they were meant to do.

Use these tools to help generate better click throughs and conversions. Don’t forget to track their data so you can run further tests down the road, and compare results. Always be looking for ways to improve your data, and optimizing for these three things will help you get there every time.

Written By: Ed Cehi – PPC

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