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Optimization Technique For Google Display Campaigns

This month’s blog is focused on an optimization technique for your Google Display campaigns. The key idea behind a display campaign is to get your clients’ ads to seen. But what if the ad is below the fold or outside the area of the screen not seen by the user unless they scroll down the page? The ads in these areas have a lesser likelihood of being viewed, so you may want to say that if my ad is going to be below the fold, do not show it. The following steps can prevent your ads from showing on web sites that would place it below the fold.

Select the display campaigns you would like to work on.

Select the Display Network tab and then scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see Exclusions.

google display

Click on the categories tab and then click the add exclusion on at the Campaign level.

google display

In the window that opens, choose “Below the fold” and save your changes. Your ads will no longer appear below the fold.

Written By: Perry Pierce


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