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Optimizing for Search and Conversions

optimizinng for search and conversions

Continuing changes to search algorithms have necessitated not only
strong search engine optimization strategies but also direct
optimization of the website's conversion processes. It is one thing
to drive more traffic to a particular website but converting that
traffic into monetary gain is quite another.
Whether a winning conversion is a form fill out, a phone call or a
completed purchase; the ease of the conversion is paramount. All
calls to action should be up front and center for the site user with
intuitive navigation that leads the visitor through the conversion
In addition, social media should be effectively and strategically
incorporated into the website as well providing a means for users who
have found value on the site to easily share with their friends and
contacts. Since the advent of social media, many site owners have
realized game changing improvement to conversion rates by simply
facilitating the site user's ability to share, rate and review
products or services purchased on the web.

Written By: Jeff Harrison – SEO

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