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On-page SEO Part 1

There are essentially three major parts of SEO—content, off-page (or back-linking) and on-page SEO. On-page is probably the easiest to do, and perhaps for that very reason, one of the most often overlooked parts of SEO. I am going to write a series of blogs discussing the benefits of getting on-page optimization right. Far and away the most important part of on-page optimization are Titles. The correct title has a huge impact on SEO and can effect click thru rates when an organic listing appears in the search results. Let me describe a client in a very competitive marketplace who had been with us for about 4 months on a 6 months contract. The had an older site that had not been well SEOed. The client had experienced major gains as a result of our efforts, but those gains did not make much difference in their traffic and conversion numbers, because so many of their SEO rankings were on pages 2 and 3. Finally, they agreed to let us re-write their Titles and Meta-Descriptions on their pages. Before all of the proposed changes had even been enacted, we began to see positive traction on the first pages that were completed. Within a week 4 coveted keywords had moved onto the first page, and their favorite, most competitive keyword had jumped up over 20 positions. Don’t underestimate the importance of getting the Title right.

And what does that look like? Titles should be briefly descriptive, be keyword centric, and be interesting enough to solicit a click. They should be between 50 and 70 total characters long, with the keyword(s) as close to the beginning of the Title as possible. It is also important that each Title be unique. The time you save in copying Titles from page to page you pay for in SEO.

Written By: Derrick DeYarman – SEO Director

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