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Periscope: Development of Quality Video Feed, Revolutionizing Social Media Marketing

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Periscope is a useful addition to the arsenal of tools that are beneficial to a business developing their online presence. Periscope is a platform that can utilized to stream live video from any location. The objective of this medium of social engagement is to provide live video feed. Live video feed allows a level of connection with followers that cannot be delivered by a recorded video. The ability to interact with followers in real-time contributes an additional dimension to communication.  The benefits include eye contact and the opportunity for viewers to have the questions answered instantly.

Periscope is very beneficial for step-by-step directions and tutorials. Many products and services offer customer support and assistance, and this is a practical way to help confused consumers in real-time. Effective communication is facilitated by the actual presence of the technician or customer service personnel to guide users. Technology such as Periscope reduces room for misunderstandings. Video feed provides a multisensory approach to communication; the ability to hear, see and provided verbal and non-verbal feedback makes the communication process so much easier.

In order to remain relevant to customers, companies need to provide good products as well opportunities for positive interaction with their clients in ways that meets their needs. A client that receives satisfactory customer service is very likely to be a repeat customer. A wise marketing strategy is to regularly remind customers of new products and services that are available.

A carefully planned and executed video that describes a new product or discount is more likely to generate conversions than just a post to Facebook or Twitter. Customer engagement is a crucial component of effective promotional marketing. Periscope allows a company or organization to create a tribe. Organic and raw content is the life- blood of positive social engagement. Unedited content allows viewers to experience an open- window view of your company and brand. An authentic representation of your company is a vital component of building trust that attracts potential clients.

One of the greatest benefits of Periscope is the ability to communicate in real-time. YouTube allows consumers to view videos but the opportunities for spontaneous interaction are limited by the fact that it is a recording. Daily activities relating to production, commercials and sponsorships are examples of the types of content that may be recorded to help increase interest in a particular good or service. The interest generated by this news feed can in turn help drive conversions.

An intelligent marketing strategy requires analysis of competitors. The creation and maintenance of positive relationships within a competitive market is crucial. Instead of simply competing, strategies can be directed towards finding a niche market and attracting the attention of the said demographic. The foundation for any solid marketing initiative is maintained and solidified by committing to the engagement of potential customers through quality content. Enough cannot be said for establishing a rapport with future clients and presenting quality, organic content. Communication is everything and Periscope provides a platform for a high-quality video feed, which is of great benefit to companies. These are some reason why your organization should create a Periscope account and begin maximizing their potential in the social media marketing space.


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– Gabrielle Brown-Samuels, SEO Coordinator

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