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PPC 101 | Three More Tips to Becoming A Better PPC Coordinator

As a coordinator have you ever been asked, “How does pay-per-click work?” Pay-per-click jobs are growing rapidly by the day with new platforms and easier ways to access data. At That Company, the pay-per-click department is structured around fundamentals that the individual coordinator and eventual account manager should possess to help clients make money with pay-per-click. We believe that an individual can be trained. As mentioned in the previous blog, structure, the relationship with your co-workers, the relationship with your clients, and your overall attitude come from within yourself. Some things can be taught, but certain qualities have to be inside you already to be able to handle the PPC world. Your perspective of the things that happen to you determine how you will handle the situation. If you view a stressful situation as stressful, your view will be skewed, and the best result may not appear to you. If you step back and take a second to look at the bigger picture, the solutions will appear themselves. Perspective is a whole other topic that can be saved for a later blog post. Today’s blog we will be talking about three more tips that are helpful to the PPC process. Dependability will be the first tip and what that means to the PPC coordinator. Dependability is actually beneficial to the company as a whole more so than yourself. Secondly, flexibility will be covered to help understand how to manage various requests from co-workers and clients. Thirdly, having a sponge mentality will take you more places because of your ability to learn and adapt to the ever-changing industry of digital marketing. If you have any tips that you want covered please reach out to me to have them mentioned in future posts.


man on time and a man running late. Only one is dependable. Dependability, according to, is defined as, “he ability to be relied on or depended on, as for accuracy, honesty, or achievement.” Dependability in the world of any PPC company is a core must-have. Without dependability, how will you be reliable? Showing up to work on time not only shows that you respect your time, but that you respect the owner’s time. Do you want anyone showing up late to your meeting? I highly doubt that and can assume that you will be upset if someone strolls into a meeting 12 minutes late with no reason. This section makes me laugh because I am Cuban-American and from Miami. In Miami, most everyone runs on Cuban time. Cuban time basically means that no one ever shows up on time to anything. That’s right I said, anything! Weddings, funerals, job interviews, meetings, appointments, and anything to do with a designated time, a lot of people will not show up on time. Growing up and living other places made me realize that the rest of the world doesn’t run that way. Cuban time is more of a regional thing rather than a national thing. Showing up on time and being early are great qualities to have that show you care about what you are doing. No matter what always hold yourself to a higher standard. Just because someone you look up to may slack off, don’t be like them. Always be yourself and do what you need to get your responsibilities done.


people stretching on a mat. Be flexible like them in ppcFlexibility, according to, is defined as, “capable of being bent, usually without breaking; easily bent, susceptible of modification or adaptation; adaptable, and willing or disposed to yield; pliable.” Flexibility is a major core element of being a solid PPC coordinator. Being flexible or easily bent is a great way to describe how requests, tasks, and urgent matters will be attended. There are many days and nights where sacrifice will take part in your workflow. Sometimes you must stay that extra hour to catch up on emails. There will be days where you will have to drop everything you are doing to take a phone call from a client who needs help being walked through PPC. You as the coordinator understand how to create things like Google Ad and Google Analytics accounts, but most people do not know how to do this. There will be days where you will have to be flexible and help your co-workers with a situation. Rather than complain about the situation or your schedule being re-arranged, the best practice is to adjust your perspective on the matter. You should always be flexible, but never forget to put time aside to handle tasks important to you and your future career growth.

Sponge mentality

sponges on a table, sponge mentality is important for a ppc coordinatorSponge mentality, according to That Company, is defined as, “having a mental attitude of having a fresh brain.” Within your office and even in your department, there are co-workers with decades of knowledge that will take you years to understand on your own. Your brain is a sponge where its job is to soak up as much insight and knowledge from everyone around you. The PPC veterans have a lot to teach you because they have been hands-on with accounts for years. If a veteran PPC consultant gets on you about something, it’s usually because they want to protect and help you avoid any possible fires from happening in the future You will want to adapt this mindset with everyone you interact with inside the company you work at. I learn something new everyday when working with accounting, hearing sales pitch new strategies to clients to help increase their return on investment, or even from the CEO sharing stories about past situations with examples on how to handle them. You can learn something from everyone. Your attitude to the words being spoken to you will determine how you absorb the information to use for future help.

Dependability, flexibility, and having a sponge mentality will always help you become a better PPC coordinator. I hope these three tips have been useful to you. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a better PPC coordinator, check back with us for future posts to help you navigate the sea that is PPC. Thank you for reading and always continue learning daily. If you would like to read more, comment, share, and post.

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