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A PPC Affiliate to Fulfill Your Clients’ Needs

A PPC affiliate may be just what you need to meet your clients’ expectations without driving your own employees mad with new certifications and skills. Let’s face it: the internet has billions of websites and so many regulations and rules on marketing with each search engine that you could very well sink an entire lifetime into trying to successfully market your client on the web.

How do you keep up then, when internet marketing is so vital in modern business? Hire an internet marketing company, of course. A PPC affiliate, or pay per click affiliate, can help get your clients the advertising they want without breaking the budget or straining your employee pool. At That! Company, we specialize in internet marketing that is affordable and that gets results. Instead of trying to learn a whole new skill set, let That! Company be the experts you need to get the job done right.

What Does Pay Per Click Even Mean?

Pay per click advertising is paid, keyword-based advertising that pops up when search engine users enter specific keywords. Each internet search engine has their own form of pay per click advertising – and their own method and algorithm of determining what words will generate what advertisements.

Each clicked advertisement is charged per click. Therein lies the problem. If you fill out the form wrong, use the wrong keywords, don’t make the correct updates, or set the wrong frequency settings, then pay per click is just like tossing change out the window. If you don’t convert the clicks and traffic to sales and business, you’re paying for a service that isn’t generating income. In short, you need an expert in pay per click advertising to help set it up correctly, manage your hits and conversions, and get you rolling on the right path.

Expertise and Affordability in a PPC Affiliate

At That! Company we offer the expertise to get your pay per click advertising set up right, and the experience to help it grow and manage it successfully over time. Internet marketing is what we do – and we have the certifications and experience to prove it. Let us help your clients achieve success in pay per click advertising without set up fees, and with competitive rates that make hiring us profitable for you. We’ll even work under your company umbrella with our “white label” services, taking the calls, sending out reports, and communicating under your corporate identity. With competitive rates and results that work and prove themselves, That! Company is the PPC affiliate you’ve been looking for.

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