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Promoted Posts! Helping you reach everyone who likes your page.

Facebook has released a new “Promoted Posts” service which allows you to set a budget so your posts reach more of the people who like your page. It is a common misperception that when you post to your followers that every single person will see the post if they’re logged on. The fact is Facebook has an algorithm that filters all of that content to show only the most interesting content to each user. Facebook typically determines what’s interesting based on what people like, comment on, share, and click on.


Facebook is bending the rules a bit and allowing you pages to reach more of their fans, but for a fee. Some may consider this somewhat shady/unethical. Imagine if Google had a paid version where they would manipulate their algorithm and organic search results were influenced by a person’s check book. That doesn’t sound fair or right does it? Facebook needs to prepare to backup any future algorithm changes. Many will scrutinize their changes to ensure they’re not changing simply to get more businesses to pull out their checkbook and pay for promoted posts. Want to learn all of the details about Promoted Posts? Check out Facebook’s complete resource here- Will you use promoted posts?

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