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What is Quality Score and How Does it Affect My Wallet?

Quality score is a rank from 1-10 that is recorded on each keyword in your Google AdWords account. This estimates the quality of an ad and the landing pages that are triggered by the keyword associated with it. Having a higher score means that Google values your landing page and finds it relevant to someone looking at the ad. The objective is to help a user find the exact ad they are looking for using the search engine. Below is an example of two searches.

Joe is a customer that is searching specifically for “USF Jersey.” The idea is to have the search pull up a relevant ad that takes Joe specifically to a page or article associated with “USF Jersey.” From that landing page or article, he was able to click and purchase a jersey. This is an ad that would increase the quality score for the keyword that took him there. The opposite can be said about the ad shown for Sally’s search below.

Sally is a customer that is searching specifically for “Mary Kay Eyeliner.” Sally clicks on an ad that takes her to a page that shows her a review about “eyeliner” and “blush,” but does not allow her to buy product. The keyword here associated with the ad and landing page would get a lower quality score.

The idea of quality score is to associate the relevant page with the relevant keyword, and then compensate the account holder for doing so properly. This is a design built into Google to help keep account holders ranking for the right keywords and display their ads to the right audience. A lower quality score for a particular keyword correlates to a less desirable ranking for the ad associated with that keyword. Since fewer searchers click through on ads that aren’t as well displayed, you will get fewer leads and conversions – unless you increase your bid. Left unchecked, a lower quality score can cost you more than your competition when bidding on keywords. 

Written By: Joshua Feuerbacher – Lead Internet Marketing Strategist

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