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Resell AdWords to Improve Your Client’s Web Presence

To resell AdWords can help draw business to your clients on the web, but developing those AdWords campaigns can be a trial and a half, making a resell or white label company an excellent choice for streamlining your advertising offerings. Marketing today has to include internet options in order to be effective, but the overhead and keep enormous – hiring, training, managing, software needs, etc.That! Company can provide your marketing agency with the power it needs, while still retaining control, identity, and interfacing with your clientele. Let us handle the numerous changes (Google has made 300+ changes in the last few years) while you resell AdWords services from us, as well as handle the rest of your marketing campaigns.

Resell AdWords to Draw Business for Your Clients

Many companies offer resell options for internet advertising, but not many of them have That! Company’s particular expertise. A good AdWords campaign can help draw people to a website by making it visible in Google right when searchers needs the company’s services. Researching the appropriate keywords, however, takes time and constant updating, not to mention lots of iterations of ads, A-B split testing, negative keywords, and much more.

Rather than devote an entire branch of your inbound marketing agency to this service, why not rely on professionals that already have the infrastructure in place? That! Company will interface directly with your clients, removing the entire tangled knot of internet advertising from your plate. Analysis of existing web marketing will take place, and a plan can be implemented to suit each client’s needs. From pay per click advertising, web site analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing, or even reputation clean up, That! Company offers it all. There’s no need for you to take on the overhead when we can manage it all, and you receive a competitive margin.

Maintaining Your Identity While Decreasing Work Load

That! Company offers the distinct advantage of interfacing directly with your clients under your branding. We answer your client calls with your company name, mail from your company name, use appropriate letter head and, in general, function as a satellite of your company for the purposes of internet marketing. You don’t need to lose your identity or your business; just let us reduce the workload for the rest of your marketing employees.

That! Company brings over a decade of internet expertise to working directly with your clients, while you get a competitive return on fees and services that is one of the best rates in the business. Whether your clients are clamoring and you need to resell AdWords or make use of serious website expertise, look to That! Company today to bring your clients the Google Adwords success they’re looking for.

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