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What are Search Engines and Why Are They Important?

The word “search engine” can be divided in two parts. Search basically means search or retrieval of data, while engine can be a program designed to analyze or retrieve the data from the internet. In other words, the word search engine means a service that allows the users on the internet to search for any content on the internet via the world wide web (WWW). Organizations that run search engines have a program called a “web crawler” whose only job is to surf the web and index all the keywords on a given website. When you go to search something, the search engine consults that index to pull all the web pages that match your keyword. It then ranks those pages according to what it thinks is most relevant to you*, and then presents you with the results.

When considering, what are search engines? you must go back to 1990.

The first few hundred web sites began in 1993 and most of them were at colleges, but long before most of them existed, came Archie . The first search engine was called Archie, created in 1990 by Alan Emtage, a student at McGill University in Montreal. So many search engines were then created, of which the most popular in the present time is Google. It is the largest search engine which is used all over the world!

Think of a search engine as two components. First, a spider or crawler searches the web for content that is added to the index of the search engine. Then, when a user uses the search engine, appropriate results are returned based on the algorithm of the search engine. Search Engines have a huge database, which contains details of the text on every publicly available web page they can find. The key is the way this database is indexed – by clever use of indexes (which work just like an index in a book, to help you find the information you’re looking for quicker) they can find the page you’re looking for very quickly.

Search Engines have “robots” which regularly look at links on web pages to find new or updated pages and update their database. They have clever algorithms that take what you’re searching for and use that together with the indexes they’ve created to find the right page. This is the bit that makes one search engine work better than another. It might also use things like your location, or details of your past searches, to narrow down what you’re looking for, as well as understanding language to know which are the important words, how to change tense or pluralization, and so on, in order to find pages that match what you’re looking for even if you didn’t use the exact words on the page.

SEO is Primarily of Two Kinds: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

Google is the most popular of the search enginesOn-page SEO – On-page SEO includes activities that are done on the website itself to make it more content rich, working on title tags, URL structure, alt text for images, website loading speed, mobile friendliness, and internal linking.

Off-page SEO – It basically includes activities beyond development part of the site. It includes increasing the authority of your domain via getting links from other websites and making your website visible and on the top searches of the search engine pages.


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Optimizing search engines are also very important these days. Few of the advantages are given below:

Competitive Analysis – There are a lot of companies fighting for the same keywords. We’ll analyze their strengths and weaknesses to find new opportunities for smooth online growth.

Link Building – Links from established and high-quality sites drive relevant traffic to your site and build authority in Google.

Signage – Brand name should be important, and it should give your company an identity that it needs! Making a brand name of yourself would make your business ready for the future.

Increased Traffic – Search results at the top of the search engine gets the most clicks and views, so if the result is at the top traffic in the website will be increased. Relevant title tags, keywords, and meta descriptions are used for optimizing the search engine to increase the traffic.

Responsive Web Design – Responsive Web design is a way of doing development and design that should be easy to use by the user, and it can run on more than one platform. With proper implementation of HTML and CSS, we can make the website flexible so that it can be used on many platforms and even in different screen orientations or sizes.

Page speed – Page speed matters in the long run and can break or make the website’s traffic. If the target has to wait for too long while the websites load, he or she will simply close the given website and opt for another website. Being fast and responsive can increase the rankings of the website which in turn will increase the traffic!

Quality of content – All the above points are important, but if the quality of content used in the website is not up to the market demands, then the traffic will not increase to its highest potential however great the UI or fast the site is! Quality content is shared more across social media and creates a positive experience, thus ultimately giving the site a brand name, improving the traffic.

Search engines are one of the most important mobile tools.Increased Average Time on Site – Time is the key factor, as there are many websites one user can jump to another if the sites are not well made. You have a limited amount of time to capture a website visitor’s attention. With great UI and faster loading time the average stay time on the website will increase in a short span of time. If the website is pleasing to the eyes, it may even be shared and used for presentations. This is even more so the case with mobile devices because users are accessing your website while out and about on the go. If a visitor is able to easily navigate your pages and the content is written mobile friendly, you increase the chance of converting visitors into customers.

Optimizing search engine also:

  • Provides Your Business with Credibility
  • Gives You Unmatched Insight into Your Customers
  • Increases in your Business Traffic
  • Gives Good Visibility for Your Business and for its Branding.


SEO gives us the time and space to be ahead of our competitors and by this we can be aware of the market and it’s needs! We can do something that the competitor isn’t already doing and can find the results very soon. Also, there is a possibility that your competitors are not already doing the optimization. Therefore, we can move a step ahead and can start working on it as soon as possible! SEO helps in improving the flow of traffic into your website and optimizing the search engines is the best way to improve the ranking. As a result, as long as the internet exists there will always be a need of SEO services.

Written by: Taj Royer


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