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Does Search Help Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness isn’t what most direct response marketers think about when they are advertising in search. However, this is a secondary effect. When a consumer completes a search they often look to the very first search result whether that be paid or organic. What we often wonder is does this visibility have an effect on the users perception of any given company or product. Some people believe it doesn’t have much effect at all, but a recent study by Google is showing what we have known all along. Search does in fact help brand awareness.

“Throughout 2013, Google and Ipsos MediaCT conducted 61 simulated search experiments to measure the impact of search ads on brand awareness.” What they found was a “6.6 percentage point increase or an average 80% lift in top-of-mind awareness.” This study backs what we have always known…that increased visibility has a effect on consumer perception. This is why it’s not only important to have higher rankings for your paid keywords, but also why we should target branding as well. If there is an “80 lift” in brand awareness for your products and/or services. What do you think happens if another company parks their ads on your brand? All of a sudden you not only lose visibility, but you lose brand awareness as well.

Brand awareness is important for branding and product/services. Don’t lose potential customers due to lack of visibility. Advertising increases brand awareness and after all, advertising is just an “opportunity for a brand message to impact a target audience and influence its market perception.”

Written By: Ed Cehi – PPC


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