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SEO or PPC? Which is the Best for your Company

seo or ppc

Businesses face the challenge every day of deciding how and where to spend their advertising budget. Traditional methods…Television, radio, billboards, magazines and newspapers all want your advertising dollar. Which one is best? Many businesses already know that they can receive great exposure on the internet as well as a well thought out traditional campaign. So, how do they go about advertising on the internet with the budget that they have?

Some think that just by building a website, they will be overnight millionaires. Or they are told so by some internet marketing companies. This is only part of the story.

At That! SEO Company, we know that for a business to succeed they must be put in front of the consumer. More and more, consumers are turning to the internet to buy products, research information on products and find locations where they can purchase products.

To be found by consumers, a business must be front and center on the internet. Businesses can choose to work on their organic rankings via search engine optimization (SEO) or via paid advertising (PPC). At we work with our prospects to determine which avenue is best for them. Many times it makes sense to start with a PPC campaign and immediately get your business out there in front of potential customers. Sometimes, businesses choose to combine SEO and PPC to get the short term benefits of paid advertising while working on the long term goals of SEO.

In either case, turn to the professionals at That! SEO Company for advice and start making profits on the internet, today!


Written By: Mark Gray


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