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Taking Advantage of the SEO Resell Market

You can get a lot out of the SEO resell market. In fact, if you own a business with an internet component, you can make sure that you keep your clients instead of sending them off to some internet marketing company that will continue to charge them for years on end. Instead, you can reap the benefits of the continued revenue stream and the boost in the reputation that comes with an extended period of exceptional service. There is very little to lose and everything to gain from going to a high-quality reseller.

Defining Our Terms

There are a number of things that one can do in order to provide high-quality SEO, “resell” being just one of them. What that actually means is that we take care of the search engine optimization needs of your client, which includes the full range of different services that fall under the “SEO” banner.

For example, you might come to us with a client that is just starting their business. You designed their website, but you don’t know how to get them the attention that would make them more successful. We can start working on content development, backlink building, toxic backlink disavowal, solving indexing issues, creating internal linking structures, and the full range of search engine optimization tasks necessary to get real attention online.

However, whenever we communicate with the client, be it over the phone or via e-mail, we use your company name, not ours. These are the white label services that we offer. All of the reports we deliver carry your name and logo. They will see no mention of us anywhere. You receive a competitive margin, and you’re free to continue building websites secure in the knowledge that we are providing outstanding customer service and delivering excellent results for your clients, all in your name.

We Do Great SEO, Resell Top Quality

At That! Company, we are proud of the SEO work we do, especially when it comes to our reselling services. For example, we will offer sales support to the reseller, which is not something often done in this business. We also hold regular educational meetings with the client, so they understand what a good deal they’re getting, all with highly reasonable rates.

We also have years of experience in retaining clients for our customers, making sure that they can see exactly what benefit they’re getting and the results of all of that work. It’s how we have built our business, and how we can help you build yours as well.


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There is no reason to start your own in-house division or spend months learning yourself in order to handle clients’ SEO. Resell the clients that you have and you’ll more than make up the difference in both word-of-mouth advertising and many reduced costs.

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