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How Set Up A Google Analytic Goal Funnel

A very important step in a successful Adwords Campaign is to have Google Analytic installed on the web site and to make sure you have goals set up that track your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). For an e commerce site the primary KPI would be your final page shown at the completion of a sale. But you should also be aware of and track the entire process from building a shopping cart to the completed checkout.

This data is important to find possible points where customers drop out of the process. For example if you have a shipping charge and those charges are too expensive you may loose a significant number of sales at that point. With a Goal Completion Funnel you are presented with a graphic representation of the whole process and can spot possible trouble points.

In the example above you can see each step of the process and how many customers proceeded to the next step. To create the funnel you first have to know the web pages involved in the funnel. Your web developer should be able to provide that information, if not you would have to complete the process and make note of the pages.

Once you have the web pages identified in the proper order you can then build the funnel in Google Analytics. The first step is create the goal. To do this follow these steps.

Log into your Analytic account

Click the Admin link at the top of the page and click on Goals under the View you are using

Click on the New Goal button


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Click the Destination under the type

Click Next step. You should then be at the page shown below. You will not see the option to add your steps until you click the Funnel Optional button. Once you do you will be able to add the pages needed to build your funnel. Give each step a logical name.

When entering your pages make sure to follow the directions provided under the On/Off button. Continue to add your pages until you get to the page just before the final step.

If you already have a goal completed and want to add the funnel, just enable the funnel option and add your pages.

You now can view the entire checkout process and possible identify where you are loosing customers.

Written By: Perri Pierce – PPC

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