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Should You Be Using Texting Campaigns in Your Marketing/PR Efforts?

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PR practitioners know that they need to be exploring and utilizing the latest digital strategies, but many are unfamiliar with the capabilities of text. Here’s a quick review of two text options for PR campaigns.
Person-to-application (P2A): this messaging allows for a wide-range of interactions, and can really increase engagement with your brand. Users can opt-in to receive special offers, discounts, coupons and the like. P2A can also be used to seek feedback from consumers by allowing for voting or polling. You can ask your target audiences direct questions and quickly receive their answers and suggestions. P2A is also used a great deal for contests, give-aways and sweepstakes.
Application-to-person (A2P): This function must be utilized correctly and thoughtfully, or you will watch your opt-out rates increase rapidly. This involves sending texts of information to users who have opted in, but the information and messaging must be engaging or you risk losing the subscriber. The Strategist reports findings from a study conducted by Frost & Sullivan found that text messages have a 98% open rate. That’s a lot of opportunity to reach your target audiences, so use this function wisely. Utilize calls-to-action as much as possible.
Adding text campaigns into your marketing and PR campaigns can yield high results, and will help take your organization or business further down the course of capitalizing on mobile engagement. Users are ravenous for mobile content in today’s digital world of fast and furious messaging delivery. Make sure your company is poised to deliver on this demand by using text correctly.
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