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Simple Guide to Remarketing


Remarketing in AdWords is a great way to market to potential clients or customers who have already shown an interest in your particular services or products. Why should I remarket to somebody who did not buy in the first place? With the age of comparison shopping so high, potential clients are not purchasing or becoming leads on the first visit as much as they previously did. Enter Remarketing!

Remarketing campaigns can be set up in 5 Easy steps:

  1. Create a Tag under the Shared Library in your AdWords account

  2. Create your list that you want to gather for the customers that you would like to remarket to – add pertinent pages into this list, and you can even generate a list of previous customers for the last 30 days

  3. Create a list of converting customers – these are customers who have already purchased or become a lead for your services (where remarketing will not be needed anymore) – this list will be your Thank You page, or end page of the conversion process

  4. Create a Custom Combination – this list is your main remarketing list traffic, minus any converting traffic, which becomes your final list to remarket to

  5. Lastly, create your Remarketing campaign and, under the Remarketing tab, add your Custom Combination as the targeting, and you are good to go!

Creation of ads and bidding will still need to be done, and I have seen Image Ads yield the best results by catching the eye of clients and getting them back to a site to convert. It is usually very cost effective, but, just as any venture in AdWords, keep your eye on the campaign!

Written by : Bobby Ballash

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