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What are you doing with your site? No Really…

We all search and surf the internet but not everyone truly understands what is happening behind the scenes. Joe is looking for a particular piece of mountain climbing equipment so he types in “composite climbing clip” and your website shows up in the #1 position of the search. Joe clicks on your ad and is instantly taken to a page on your site that displays a variety of clips that mountain climbers use but doesn’t see the “composite” clip he is looking for. Although he does like what he sees and checks out other pages on your site and then continues to look for someone who might have the item he is looking for. Here is where remarketing comes in to play. While Joe was on your website a cookie was placed on his computer with information of what pages he was on while on your site. As Joe is looking at other results from his searching he keeps seeing your company’s ad. This leads Joe back to your site and there is a better chance he will buy from you.

Remarketing can help your advertising in several ways. First it can increase return traffic but also, and more important, lead to conversions whether that is site traffic, form fills, or purchases. It all sounds simple but actually it takes some time and a little help from your PPC professional.

There has to be a small amount of code place on every page of your site to track where people have been. A cookie is placed not only on the prospective client’s computer but also on your remarketing list for that particular page. As time goes by your remarketing list grows along with the opportunities of return visitors. You can run remarketing campaigns for any of your remarketing lists that can offer special deals for returning customers.

Your PPC account manager is here to help every step of the way. Before your remarketing campaign starts to pay off the list(s) you are focusing on has to have at least 100 active visitors the prior 30 days. As your site traffic increases so does your remarketing list(s) giving you more opportunities for the conversions you are looking for. Remember Joe? Because of your remarketing he came back to your site and purchased not only a mountaineers climbing clip, even though it wasn’t the composite clip he wanted and couldn’t anywhere else, but spikes for his boots, a hanging hammock, and several other items.

Remarketing; a powerful marketing tool, one that pays for itself.

Written by: Gary Harvison – PPC


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