Skinvertisements: advertising on the go

Last Updated on September 14, 2018

Ad Ageny DDB Auckland may be on to something.


Park benches with installed word blocks press logos and slogans into people’s skin when they sit down so that when they get up to walk way the back of the thigh becomes a mobile billboard. It’s cheap, it’s not permanent and it’s not a bad idea.

cheap-advertising 1

However, it really only works on women, and, ahem, unfortunately men, wearing short shorts.

The advertisement “Short shorts on sale Superette” used to launch this method of mobile advertising kind of misses the target.

Who buys “Short Shorts?” Chicks! That’s who. Oh, and dudes who are still living in the 1980s, or whenever it was that guys wearing short shorts was popular. Bleh! Not cool guys!

And women don’t normally look at another woman’s legs. Or maybe they do. It’s just like a woman. Always comparing and looking for flaws – cellulite, veriscose viens and nasty butt boils. But I’m just a guy. What do I know. I do know that sex sells beer.

So, Where are the beer companies on this one? Budweiser should be chomping at the bit to plant its hooves on the back of some thighs. And where are those Brilliant Guinness Chaps? Come on guys! Having a bit of a lackluster day are we?

That! Company White Label Services


Men love beer, they also love to look at women in short shorts.

So it makes sense that this is a perfect mobile advertising platform for companies selling suds.

It’s either the best idea or the worst idea. What do you thinking about skin impression mobile advertising?

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