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SMM: How To Write Headlines!


Social Media advertising is critical to businesses these days, and it all starts with your headline.  Here are some tips to help you capture attention and draw people in to your offer, product or service.
1.  HOW TO: This strategy is tremendously effective. As an example, “How to… get a better ROI on your social media budget”. The key is to just write, “How to” and type what your product does.
2.  NUMBERS: Any opportunity to use a number is powerful.  Numbers grab attention but, be sure to use the numerical digit and never spell it out.
3.  QUESTIONS:  Use questions to boost engagement & to beg a thought out of people.  As an example, “Looking to Lose Weight with No Exercise?” could drag a person who is intending to just be on a social media platform to clicking your ad because they know in the back of their mind that they could use to shed a few pounds.
4.  IMPERITIVE VOICE: Also known as command lines, these tell people what to do.  A great example would be, “Stop Flushing Money Down the Toilet”.  A headline like this can attract the emotional side of people and most people actually want to be told what to do on social media… that is why a strong call to action is monumental in every campaign.
Social Media is a place for people to engage and share life experiences but, if you can write powerful headlines… you are one step closer to drawing their eyes from posting about puppies to your ad copy which can provide some form of benefit to them.
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